Parts manufacturing, repairing, refurbishment

In our well-equipped parts manufacturing workshop we produce high quality precision parts for automotive, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and rubber industrial production equipment, production cells and automated production lines using traditional and CNC machining. In addition to our component manufacturing activities, we also deal with device and tool design.

We flexibly accommodate our customers’ technical needs with high-quality solutions. Therefore, we routinely use CAD and CAM systems to optimize our manufacturing technology. We are able to design 3D parts, equipment and devices of our products with CAD system, so that our customers can see the ordered components even before the start of production.

We can carry out our orders within short production lead times in order to ensure the continuous operation of our customers’ production equipment and minimizing machine downtime.

We can undertake periodical or number-controlled maintenance, inspection, preservation and repairing of machining tools and equipment by a framework contract or an agency contract.

Our clients include multinational companies operating manufacturing facilities in Hungary, as well as their engineering offices specializing in customized production.

Our long-term strategy is based on our customers’ satisfaction, so we support precise parts manufacturing through contacting in German and in English as needed. The creativity of our employees and very strong professional experience are the guarantee of our customers’ satisfaction. We hope to welcome you as our client soon.

Pajger Ipari és Szolgáltató Ltd.